Stats Screenshot

Statistics tab provides you different statistical data about your project.

Translator Activity

From this tab, You can see translator activity in a given date period. Data presented as a graphical presentation indicates the overall progress in your project and more specific table row provides the translator specific details. It's important to note that the time zone for these statistics is GMT. This keeps the statistical data consistent for billing purposes and it's not varying based on viewers location.

You get translations, edits, or votes separately or summed as a words, characters or strings.

Actions explained


When translator creates a translation from scratch, the action is classified as a "translation".


When translator edits the translation i.e. there is already another translation, the action is classified as an "edit"


When translator votes the translation (i.e. approves the translation), the action is classified as a "vote".

Content Updates

Content updates present the latest updates. You can find information about your file updates, for example, how many words they contained etc.

Content Statistics

Content statistics contain information about your content, for example how many translatable strings or words you have in your project.

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