Privacy and Security Settings

These settings can be found from your Workspace Settings.

Project visibility


Only users who are added to user manager are able to access the project. Others will see an option to request an access.


Crowdsourcing mode. All the users (crowd-translators) are able to suggest and add new translations, it's not necessary to add them to user manager. Translations provided by these users have less weight than those who are added to user manager as translators.

Minimum access level required to add new languages

If None, every user can add new language projects. Otherwise this defines minimum role.

Minimum acceptance level for translations

Accept all translations

Accept translations automatically from all the users

Accept translations voted/translated by an assigned translator

If user with translator role translates or votes a translation, it's approved.

Accept translations voted by moderator

If user with moderator role votes a translation, it's approved.

Uploaded translations

Defines how uploaded translations are treated when uploaded via API and UI.

Upload changed translations as new (default)

Default behaviour, i.e. new translations found in a file are imported as new.

Automatically approve all the uploaded translations

All the translations in a file are ranked first and also approved according the defined acceptance level (Minimum acceptance level for translations -setting).

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