Uploading existing translations

You can upload existing translations for file formats that support logical strings or they otherwise have clear segmentation rules (i.e. it's possible to match the segment with translation without a manual alignment).

Step 1: Adding a new target language using an existing local file

If this language does not exist in your project yet, you need to first add it. If you already have this language in this project, just skip to step 2.

  1. Open Files -tab and scroll down to Translated Languages section. Translated files

  2. Click New language, add the language and continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Updating translations to existing target language

If you have already this language in your project, just choose "Update" next to the corresponding filename:

Updating a translation file

You may need to click the target language first if you have multiple files in your project.

Other Ways to Upload Existing Translations

  1. See this batch script example for updating multiple files at once. It's using a Get Localization File Management API.
  2. Use tool such as Get Localization Command-Line Interface.

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