Get Localization Help Scout Docs Integration

Help Scout Docs integration is based on our Translate.js Javascript translation solution. Getting started with it is extremely easy.


Installing Translate.js tag to Help Scout

1. Log in to your Help Scout dashboard and choose "Manage Site" under the Knowledge Base cog icon.

2. From left menu, make sure "Website" is selected. Then scroll down to end of the page.

3. Copy-paste following Javascript snippet into the Insert head code text field.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
        'apiKey': 'Your-API-Key',
        'languagesClass': 'gl-languages',
        'sourceLanguage': 'en'

Make sure to change your APIKey to the one you can find from your Workspace settings. If you don't have Workspace yet, create one at

6. Save and publish the changes.

Now you are ready. Script is automatically collecting textual content from your project. This means that you need to open the articles you wish to translate. After an hour or so, strings are ready in the system and you can order your first batch of translations.


How content is collected and published?

Check this documentation for further details about Translate.js system

Why I don't see any content in my Workspace?

It takes some time that all the data from clients is imported to the system. Typically this is done within an hour. If you still don't see any content, please check that your API key is correctly set.

I published my translations but I don't see them on my site?

Translate.js is caching very aggressively in order to provide best possible user experience to your users. It can take up to two hours than all the caches expire.

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