Translating Microsoft Excel XLSX


Get Localization supports XLSX files, that contain master texts in one column and translations in another column. When you want to upload an XLSX file, choose 'Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)' as 'Format' in the 'Uploading new file' dialog. This opens additional choices in the dialog box:

XLSX upload image

Using XLSX for Software Localization

It's highly discouraged to use XLSX file format for software localization as there are several other and better alternatives. Please look for example XLIFF.

XLSX Upload

Master string (content) column: The original texts that are being translated

Translation column: This defines the column where translations will be stored when the translation file is downloaded.

Context column: Texts in this column will be displayed in the Context field of the Get Localization editor. They can be e.g. tips and context information for translators.

First row: Enter the number of the first row that contains translatable content.

XLSX with Get Localization Now

Get Localization Now will process whole XLSX without any configuration.


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