Translate JavaScript, jQuery, JSON and similar files

This is a flexible parser that supports wide varities of JavaScript and JSON formats. It searches patterns that match "key = value" or "key: value". Keys must be unique (even if nested). For structured and strict JSON, we recommend using the Chrome Extension JSON file format.

Use file name ext ".json" for JSON escaping rules, otherwise JavaScript escaping rules are used.

Example of JavaScript JS file with few different notions

Below you can see two examples of formats that will be recognized properly.

var hello_str = "Hello"; // variable string

var strings = {
    "exit" : "Exit", // list item string
    "bye" : "Bye"

Three strings will be imported, "Hello", "Exit" and "Bye".

Example of JSON array

    "hello_world":"Hello World",
    "jack_is_a_dull_boy":"Jack is a dull boy"


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