Translating INI and similar Key-Value files

This file format is flexible and supports different kind of Key-Value file formats.


Example of INI file:

name = "Component Editor"
ui_component_canvas_help = "Open a component for editing from the component list to the left"
ui_move_element = "Move element"
ui_paste_element = "Paste element"
ui_settings_for_component = "Settings for component"
ui_settings_for_elemänt = "Settings for element"
ui_settings_for_module = "Settings for module"

Example of PHP-styled Key-Value file (note there's also PHP Array parser available)

$LANG['about'] = "About"; 
$LANG['account_info'] = "Account Info"; 
$LANG['ok'] = "Ok"; 
$LANG['hello'] = "Hello";

Example of simple YAML file (note there's also strict YAML parser available):

about: About
account_info: Account Info
ok: Ok
    hello: Hello

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