Supported Languages in AppStore

This is current list of languages supported by AppStore for the meta data in a new iTunes Connect (Sept 2014).

English (en)
Brazilian Portuguese (pr-BT)
Finnish (fi)
French (fr)
German (de)
Italian (it)
Japanese (ja)
Norwegian (no)
Russian (ru)
Spanish (es)
Turkish (tr)
Danish (da) 
Dutch (nl-NL)
Australian English (en-AU)
Canadian English (en-CA)
UK English (en-GB)
Canadian French (fr-CA)
Greek (el)
Indonesian (id)
Korean (ko)
Malay (ms)
Portuguese (pt)
Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans)
Mexican Spanish (es-MX)
Swedish (sv)
Thai (th)
Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant)
Vietnamese (vi)

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