Organization Hub

Brief Introduction

Organization hub comes with the Professional plan and allows you to control multiple translation teams and projects easier than before. Key features of the hub are a shared glossary, ability to link translation memories and team sharing.

All Your Projects In One Place

The company hub gathers all your projects into one simple view. You can access it through the given subdomain, e.g.

Team sharing

You can simply drag & drop teams from any project to another project. All the team members will be copied and they will have exactly same roles in the target project.

Shared Glossary

The shared glossary allows you to create one generic glossary that is shared between all your projects. The interface is similar to the one that is available in every project, more detailed instructions are available here.


User Manager

The user manager lets you to control who have an access to the organization hub. This does not affect the project specific user manager that is available in every project, which means that you can add users to the project without adding them to the hub.

Role: Administrator

Administrators can access everything in the organization hub, they can copy teams, add new members and modify the glossary etc.

Role: User

Users can access the project list and the glossary (can add, edit and remove the glossary items). Everything else is restricted.

Create Multiple Accounts At Once

This is a handy feature for administrators to batch create multiple user accounts just by listing the e-mail addresses. The system will automatically create accounts based on the e-mail addresses and add them as users to the organization hub. Every e-mail should be separated by a line break. Users created with this feature will receive an e-mail with username and temporarily password.

Link Translation Memories

You can create a support ticket to link translation memories. You can link any number of projects to a single translation memory, this means that in the editor you can see matches from linked translation memories.

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